Food Photography Inspiration: Vintage Pizzelle Iron

Metal portion of pizzelle iron

You know what I love about art? Anything can be a source of inspiration.

A piece of fabric. A color palette. An emotion. A friend. A holiday. A time period.

Last week, I perused an antique mall looking for inspiration and food photo props. I got both, including crystal stem wear on a $2 sale table:

antique crystal wine glasses

via Instagram Pretty, right? I have several styling ideas for these little treasures. I’m thinking Christmas cocktails.

Shapes are also a great source of inspiration.

The other day, I saw a photo of traditional Italian pizzelles and was immediately obsessed with their circular shape. And the fact they look like snowflakes, which is like…bonus points or something considering the time of year.

I was determined to get my hands on a pizzelle iron.

Well, lucky me—my sister just so happened to have an vintage pizzelle iron she bought a while back, planning to sell it on an Etsy shop. Instead, she so generously gave it to me for free. (Mind you these vintage irons run abut $50-$100 each.)

I have yet to use the iron, so I don’t have any photographed pizzelles. I know, booooooo. But I just love this thing so much, I couldn’t wait to share it with you:

Iron plates of a pizelle iron

wooden handle of a pizzelle iron

closeup of pizzelle iron plates

Berarducci branding on iron plate of pizzelle iron

Any suggestions on how to remove the rust?

Berarducci logo on box

Great branding—and fun to say with an Italian accent. BedadUUUchi.

iron branding on cardboard box

iron branding on cardboard box

pizzelle iron logo

cookie recipe on metal table

Recipes that came with the packaging

cookie recipe on vintage paper

Metal portion of pizzelle iron

Maybe next time you’ll get to see the snowflake-like product of this vintage gadget. And hey, what about you? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?


4 thoughts on “Food Photography Inspiration: Vintage Pizzelle Iron

  1. Love these pics – really highlights the details and makes you appreciate such an old, beautiful piece like this one. Maybe pizzelles can be on the menu this Christmas when we visit??

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