The Inspiration Files: Winter White

Texas winters are mild. About once a year, though, we get hit by a really bad snow storm, and all the northerners laugh at us while watching the 5 o’clock news because Texas has managed to reach top headlines. Less because of the storm and more because of how we drive 15mph in this kind of weather. Literally. Fifteen.

So sad.

Some of us are beginning to experience cabin fever from waiting out an ice storm that blew threw about three days ago. Not me. I love being locked in with no choice to leave. I feel free, actually. No pressure to be anywhere or do anything. I can be still without feeling guilty.

And I feel inspired—inspired by the white-blanket view from my window; inspired by ice creaking under my feet when I walk the dog; inspired by how 19 degrees makes the atmosphere seem quieter somehow; inspired by how Texas snow draws the neighbors outside to play with ice, because we all love to experience the rare and beautiful.

Anyways. Enough with the sap. Here are a few photos I collected via Pinterest while watching the news feature every store in the area that’s sold out of milk, bread, and bacon as if we’ll be iced in for months.

Lord help us all.

Collection of images of ice and snow

Sue Gassen on Pinterest | BridalGuide | Dee Devine on Pinterest | Chiara Sernesi on Pinterest | Emma Woolner on Pinterest | Beth Walsh Photography | Soma Intimates on Pinterest | AJM on Pinterest | Seeking Comfort on tumblr | bestpinrecipes | Catalin Lunga Photography | Gee-in on tumblr | Roxanne on Pinterest | simple blueprint


8 thoughts on “The Inspiration Files: Winter White

  1. Totally agree about being snowed in these last few days. Instead of cabin fever, I’ve felt free to spend time doing very little other than bake and play with the kids outside. And school was just cancelled tomorrow – looks like another snow day for me 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! My sister may help me design a better one, but I was really sick of the black and white! This one will do for now. 😀 I still love looking at these wintry photos. So pretty.

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