9 DIY Food Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

wrapped compound butters in a row

Y’all, Christmas is six days away.

The sheer thought of walking the mall for gifts stresses me out. I can’t imagine how I’d react being there, peering over the second floor balcony at a sea of people bustling to purchase last-minute gifts. A big, fat cohesive state of panic. Cutthroat. Unforgiving.

Oh my gosh, the horror.

Don’t do that to yourself. DIY food gifts are great alternative to experiencing the above scenario. Plus, homemade gifts are more personal! And who doesn’t like food?


1. Marinated Feta

marinated feta in a jar

Uh, yes please! I’d throw in a few olives, too. Maybe a lemon slice to cut through the density of the oil and feta. Few people would make this for themselves, so this one seems extra special.

2. Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla beans and extract in jar

For your friends and family who love to bake. I would definitely save a bottle of this high-quality ingredient for myself. I love the way this looks with the beans and liquid in a tall jar. Pretty.

3. Holiday Coffee Creamers

jars filled with coffee creamer

Recipes include eggnog, gingerbread, and vanilla mint. You could totally go rogue on this recipe to create your own flavor.

But hey, if flavored creamer isn’t your thing (or your gift recipient’s), try this:

4. Lavender Coffee Syrup

Bottle of syrup and lavender buds

I know, this totally seems like plug for my own blog post (and it kind of is), but I genuinely think coffee syrup is a great idea. I’m planning to pass out jars of this florally goodness as mini gifts for family.

Psst…that blog post also contains a recipe for a homemade latte!

5. Cucumber and Red Onion Pickle

Cucumber and red onions pickled in a jar

In all fairness, the title should include radishes since the recipe calls for ten of them. But I’ll stay true to the recipe author. I particularly love briny foods, so this one’s on the top of my list. (Selfishly, since the gift should be more about the receiver than the giver.)

6. Ancho Chili Pecans

Ancho Chili pecans in a bowl

Ok, candied pecans are a fairly traditional food gift, but ancho chili flavored? I’d say that’s something special. This recipe is sweet and spicy. Yum. All the purples in this photo are make me swoon.

7. Herb Honeys

jars of honey and herbs

Genius. Savory herbs in sweet, thick honey. I love this combo. It reminds me of the rosemary and pear cornmeal cake my friend, Stacy, made for a Christmas party.

8. Infused Vodkas

three bottles of infused vodkas on table

This recipe contains a how-to guide for basil, orange, and vanilla-infused vodka. I’ve seen other recipes, like rosemary and cranberry. Excellent flavors for the holidays! A quick Pinterest search for “infused vodkas” generates lots of ideas.

9. Compound Butter

wrapped compound butters in a row

Ideal for a hostess gift, especially paired with a loaf of homemade bread. (Hint, hint to any family members coming to my place for Christmas.) Love the labels and packaging.

Got anymore DIY specialty food gifts? Leave me a comment—I’d love more ideas!


12 thoughts on “9 DIY Food Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

    • Hi, Jonanne–click in the food item’s title or the image. Both will take you to the recipe. I apologize for the confusion! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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