5 Helpful Tips for Styling a Bar Cart

cheers sign on bar cart

image source

I want to create an at-home bar so badly, mostly because I love the way beautifully styled bar carts look. They can be so photographable.

I can thank Pinterest for that. As of late, my feed has been chock-full of cocktail recipes and bar carts/accessories, probably because of the holidays. Something about a pretty cocktail makes me swoon, so I created a board just for drinks and bar items.

Super Helpful Tips for Bar Cart Styling
I saw a ton of guides out there for styling a bar cart, and many of them share what accessories you need on your cart (like coasters or shot glasses). That’s fine, but I wanted some solid tips for styling and bar-cart-buying.

So I scoured several guides and highlighted below my favorite tips from across the web. I hope you also find them helpful!

Tip #1 from Style Me Pretty
Add a simple vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of citrus. They render an element of life that’s oh-so-necessary. Simple vessels of tulips, peonies or ranunculus provide maximum dramatic effect with minimal effort.”

For example—

Bar cart with mirror leaning against wall

image source

Psst…use faux items to save some money. The limes photographed above are fake! But they’re still pretty, right?

Tip# 2 from Camille Styles
“Consider investing in the actual cart. A good one will last you a lifetime! And from my experience, get one on wheels. Though it’ll likely live in one room in your home, it’s nice to be able to move it to a different space when entertaining.”

For example—

Bar cart with wheels

image source

Tip #3 from The Fashionlish
“Add art work about the cart to create a focal point.” 

For example—

geometric art above bar cart

image source

I think mirrors work here, too, like the image in Tip #1.

Tip #4 from Guest of a Guest
“Using trays help organize your bar cart to designate different sections. They’re also the best way of incorporating more color and detail.”

For example—

mirrored tray with bar items

image source

Tip #5 from House of Harper
“If it isn’t convenient for you to your cart/table dressed as a bar, make use of the piece as an accent table when the party is over, and style it with a lamp, books, and your favorite knick-knacks.”

For example—

Bar cart used as side table next to couch

image source

You could do double duty full time here. I’m short on space, so using one piece for a bar cart and a side table is brilliant.

Bonus Tips! Bar Accessories on Sale
I came across the items below while searching the interwebs for bar cart ideas. Each of these look like they’re on post-holiday sale, and I want to share these awesome deals with you before they’re gone! (I’m particularly in love with the gold cocktail shaker and glasses set.)

Copper Bar Tools
$4.97-$6.99 from WEST ELM 

Copper Bar Tools

Frosted Martini Glassware
$24.00 (set of four) from POTTERY BARN

Martini glasses

Cubed Whiskey Stones
$15 from SHOPPE

Whiskey stones on plate

whiskey stones in a glass with whiskey

whiskey stones with monogrammed bag

Gold Cocktail Shaker and Glasses Set
$24.99 from NEIMAN MARCUS 

Gold cocktail shaker

image source

Gold cocktail glass

image source

Faux Marble Coasters
$8.98 from TARGET (saw these in-store for around $5)

Stacked marble coasters

Got any great bar cart ideas or how-tos?
Leave me a comment to share them with us!


3 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips for Styling a Bar Cart

  1. Those are very helpful tips! I’m just trying to figure out how to style a bar cart I just got. I’ve having a hard time making it functional rather than just pretty, but that’s okay.

    • So glad you like the tips! They were some of my favorite from around the web. I’m like you–beauty over functionality. Drives my husband crazy. 🙂 I’d love to see pics once you have your bar cart set up!

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