Whatever You’re Pursuing, Is It Worthy of Your Time?

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Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the brevity of life. I often think about death. Particularly when a celebrity dies, as odd as that sounds.

Like when Paul Walker died late last year, I was floored. I wasn’t even a huge fan, but his death for some reason weighed so heavily on my heart, and the words “our days are numbered”–the same used in this Psalm–lingered with me for several days.

While thinking on death could easily become morbid and highly depressing, this Psalm promotes just the opposite–hope. Hope because knowing one day we’ll die frees us from vain pursuits in which we find ourselves falling short. 

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“My income doesn’t prove me successful.”

“My job title doesn’t make me look intelligent or interesting.”

These are all things I’ve told myself over, and over, and over again. I’m sure you have too.

But you know what? These things–money, success, beauty–these things are not worthy of my time. In and of themselves, they’re not wrong. But they certainly shouldn’t define where we invest the majority our time. They consume way too much of our mental energy.

And they’re far too selfishly focused.

What is worthy of my time? Ultimately to know God and make him known.

How can you do that in your current walk of life? How are you pursing God in a way that changes your heart to know him and love him more?

As a mom, as a husband, as a career woman, a salesman, a musician, an artist–wherever and whatever you are–how does your life reflect the person of Jesus, and how do people know him better because of the example you set?

And what consumes your time, what distracts you from fulfilling your purpose? What clutter prevents you from where you should really be spending your energy?

Whatever that clutter is, eliminate it. Life is too short to waste your time on things unworthy of it.

The areas where you do spend your time, the tasks you repeat over and over, the places you’re invested–will they cause God to say at the end your life, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”?

Remembering that my days are numbered changes me at the core–it refocus my perspective and radically changes what I think about on a daily basis and where I invest my time.

I truly believe the more we think on the shortness of life and the quickening of death, the greater impact we will have in our local communities and on our friends and family. Invest your time in areas worthy of it.

PS. After a long, unexpected blogging sabbatical, I’m back!

A big hello to all my readers! I’ve missed you. I hope you’ll stick around.

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