Photo Roundup from My Food Photography Course

Beer bread_back litWell people, I did it.

I survived a 30-day food photography course. Ok, technically I survived 21 days. Due to work deadlines, I was unable to finish the last week.

I am SO proud of myself. No, these photos are not perfect. And yes, I have a lot more to learn. But I was as dedicated as I could be, I made myself vulnerable by willfully sharing my art with people who critiqued it, and I let myself be new at something.

That last part is key. When’s the last time you let yourself be new at something? It’s so difficult. I want to have all the answers. I want to know it all. But I don’t. And putting myself in a situation where I couldn’t pretend or fake it was hard…and totally worth it.

Anyways, enough self-reflection. On to the photos!

These are all the photos I submitted for the course assignments, in no particular order. (Some of these you’ve seen already from my posts recapping week one and week two of the course.)


P.S. Leave me a comment—I’d love to hear which is your favorite.

IMG_7536IMG_7669kaleIMG_8034pea soupversion 1fritattabeer bread_dark 1IMG_8209IMG_7623IMG_7549cakeIMG_7457IMG_8242plain egg fritatta


6 thoughts on “Photo Roundup from My Food Photography Course

  1. I fell behind after the first week and decided to keep the lessons in mind as I create food photos in the future. I think the inability to post my photos was a real disincentive to continue. It was a great learning experience nonetheless and I did learn a lot. It’ll be a good foundation for the future.

    I like the curve of the bowls in the kale recipe overhead photo and the atmosphere in the madelines photo. Good luck in your future photo endeavors!

    • Thanks, John! The course was tough to keep up with. Not sure if I could have made it as long as I did if I wasn’t able to post my photos and get feedback. That’s when you REALLY learn. Based on the info in the last assignment there will be two other courses coming soon: natural lighting and composition. Hope to see you there!

  2. As always, beautiful work! My top 3 faves in no particular order:
    – close-up of the tortellini (I feel like I could reach my fork through the screen and eat that.)
    – overhead shot of the quiche
    – madelienes and coffee (I would like to come over and enjoy those with you right now, OK?)

    • You can come over any time you want to share madeleines and coffee! 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Always love hearing your opinions.

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