About Sarah

I’m a freelance writer, coffee addict, and native Texan. I’m also a really good eater, but I think the socially acceptable term these days is “foodie.”

I’ve never had a cavity (just about the only bragging rights I own), and my sense of humor is somewhere around The Office and SNL genres.

On my blog you’ll mostly find recipes and scrumptious food photos–from time to time, I post my thoughts on random topics, like travel, design, events, and Christianity.

I live in Fort Worth, Texas with with my medical-resident husband (whom I affectionately call Balu on account of his manly, grizzly appearance) and our Catahoula dog, Davy, who’s so smart we’re pretty sure he’s half human. Terrible sense of smell, though. We try not to talk about it. He’s really sensitive.


This photo hasn’t been altered in any way. Davy is actually this cute.

In my free time you’ll find me at the gym, in the kitchen trying new recipes, and volunteering with The NET, a non-profit that serves the chronically homeless and sexually exploited populations in Ft. Worth.

What’s with the blog name?

Absolutely nothing other than the fact that a different Sarah Linden already claimed the domain name sarahlinden.wordpress.com. And she does’t even use it. I literally just rolled my eyes.

I know—the blog name makes me seem like a narcissist. But if I was, I’d post a much more flattering picture of me and Balu.

See how average we are?



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