Marinated Kale Salad with Lemon and Pecorino


Pretty photo, right? I took this during my food photography course. Check out the other photos.

Me eating raw kale:

First bite: “Oh, yum. So fresh and crispy.”

Second bite: “Wow…really crispy. Kinda tough to chew.”

Third bite: “What is this, cardboard?”

Fourth bite: “Ok, I can literally feel my esophagus digesting this.”

Fifth bite: “Aaaaaaad I’m done.”

Then I had marinated kale salad. Turns out the leaf IS basically cardboard unless it sits in dressing for a few hours or overnight.

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Photo Roundup from My Food Photography Course

Beer bread_back litWell people, I did it.

I survived a 30-day food photography course. Ok, technically I survived 21 days. Due to work deadlines, I was unable to finish the last week.

I am SO proud of myself. No, these photos are not perfect. And yes, I have a lot more to learn. But I was as dedicated as I could be, I made myself vulnerable by willfully sharing my art with people who critiqued it, and I let myself be new at something.

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Storytelling in Food Photography

madeline final

Heyoooo! I just finished up week two of my food photography course. We started exploring the basics of storytelling in food photography, and let me tell you. It’s much, much easier said than done.

Psst…did you see my food photos from week one?

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The Basics of Composing a Food Photograph


Remember that food photography course I signed up for last week? Let me tell you, people. It has been so. Much. Fun!

And today I want to recap what I’ve learned in the first few days.

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Free Food Photography Course

Free food photography courseThe other day I did a quick Google search to find a food photography course I could take for free. No luck. Every credible course I found wanted at least $10, so I decide to hold off.

And it’s a good thing I did because this little gem popped up in my inbox this morning:

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Workout Recovery Smoothie (220 Calories)

Workout Recovery Smoothie

I’m convinced smoothies are the most deceptive health food.

Throw a bunch of healthy ingredients into the blender, and before you know it, you’ve ended up creating a several-hundred calorie meal when you intended to make a small snack.

Small rant: I seriously think this is why people who go Paleo get frustrated when they don’t lose weight–they compensate grain depletion with nuts and fruit in overwhelming amounts. Well, sure, you’ve chosen a healthy option, but your body always stores excess energy, even if consumed through healthful foods.

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Turmeric-Spiced Cauliflower Rice

Turmeric-spiced cauliflower rice in bowl

Paleo diet, anyone?

Baloo and I tried that last year for a couple of weeks. There’s no way I’d make it as a Paleo lifer. Too limited.  But short-term, it’s super helpful to understand the foods you’re addicted to, like sugar.

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