5 Considerations When Photographing a Baby Shower


I don’t know about yours, but my Facebook feed is chock-full of baby announcements and baby bumps.

I hate to add to the excessiveness, but I do want to share a few photos of a baby shower I recently co-hosted. And by “recently” I mean about eight months ago. Cheers to procrastination.

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Invitation Design for a Christmas Day Celebration

Hosting Christmas is no small feat. And the thought of doing so puts me in a panic.

Well, it used to until my family asked me to host this year. Something in me switched on. My inner hostess, I guess.

I’m ecstatic. Ecstatic to have family in my own home, yes, but equally ecstatic to tackle all the creative projects: menu planning, decorating, making cocktails—I am SO ready to do this.

No doubt the pressure is still on, but I’m stoked. And to get my family just as stoked, I created a formal invitation, hoping it’ll put ’em in the Christmas spirit:

A Linden Christmas_final

Maine in February? Brave Texans Say Yes

Pomegranate Inn sign

You know when you’re cruising 70 MPH down the highway, and without warning a strong wind shoves your car in the next lane, like your weightless?

This was our experience flying to Maine in Northeastern winter winds. Except there was no steering wheel I could control, and we tossed around thousands of feet in the sky looking down on this:

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