Photo Roundup from My Food Photography Course

Beer bread_back litWell people, I did it.

I survived a 30-day food photography course. Ok, technically I survived 21 days. Due to work deadlines, I was unable to finish the last week.

I am SO proud of myself. No, these photos are not perfect. And yes, I have a lot more to learn. But I was as dedicated as I could be, I made myself vulnerable by willfully sharing my art with people who critiqued it, and I let myself be new at something.

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Whatever You’re Pursuing, Is It Worthy of Your Time?

quote 3

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the brevity of life. I often think about death. Particularly when a celebrity dies, as odd as that sounds.

Like when Paul Walker died late last year, I was floored. I wasn’t even a huge fan, but his death for some reason weighed so heavily on my heart, and the words “our days are numbered”–the same used in this Psalm–lingered with me for several days.

While thinking on death could easily become morbid and highly depressing, this Psalm promotes just the opposite–hope. Hope because knowing one day we’ll die frees us from vain pursuits in which we find ourselves falling short. 

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5 Helpful Tips for Styling a Bar Cart

cheers sign on bar cart

image source

I want to create an at-home bar so badly, mostly because I love the way beautifully styled bar carts look. They can be so photographable.

I can thank Pinterest for that. As of late, my feed has been chock-full of cocktail recipes and bar carts/accessories, probably because of the holidays. Something about a pretty cocktail makes me swoon, so I created a board just for drinks and bar items.

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The Inspiration Files: Winter White

Texas winters are mild. About once a year, though, we get hit by a really bad snow storm, and all the northerners laugh at us while watching the 5 o’clock news because Texas has managed to reach top headlines. Less because of the storm and more because of how we drive 15mph in this kind of weather. Literally. Fifteen.

So sad.

Some of us are beginning to experience cabin fever from waiting out an ice storm that blew threw about three days ago. Not me. I love being locked in with no choice to leave. I feel free, actually. No pressure to be anywhere or do anything. I can be still without feeling guilty.

And I feel inspired—inspired by the white-blanket view from my window; inspired by ice creaking under my feet when I walk the dog; inspired by how 19 degrees makes the atmosphere seem quieter somehow; inspired by how Texas snow draws the neighbors outside to play with ice, because we all love to experience the rare and beautiful.

Anyways. Enough with the sap. Here are a few photos I collected via Pinterest while watching the news feature every store in the area that’s sold out of milk, bread, and bacon as if we’ll be iced in for months.

Lord help us all.

Collection of images of ice and snow

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3 Indoor Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

My husband and I dream of having a garden. You know, a real garden. One that supplies enough year-round vegetables to keep us from ever purchasing produce again.

Throw in a chicken coop, and you’ve covered half the items on our dream home wish-list.

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